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little acorn knitted cotton bedding

The latest trend in bedding is the use of t-shirt or knitted cotton rather than woven cotton. 

So you might be left wondering what the different types of knitted cotton are and which is the best type to buy.

Knitted cotton is available in three types. Cotton jersey, T-shirt or single knit which is probably the most common type of knit – it’s soft and fluid and works best for t-shirts. It is also the most affordable. Double knit is made with a double knit weave construction and is therefore a more structured and stable fabric. Interlock is a variation on a double knit and is the heaviest of the three knit types and the most luxurious.

Our little acorn fitted sheets are made with double knit cotton and interlock - the same type of cotton knit used for luxury baby clothing. Our sheets are also recommended by leading sleep consultants.

This is in stark contrast to many other brands that use single jersey (t-shirt material) for their cot bedding which can be thin and lose its shape after washing.

Double knits are incredibly soft with a high quality feel. This type of cotton has good stretch (so it will fit well over your mattress) as well as good recovery so it won't lose its shape.

We like to think of it as a luxurious babygrow for your cot!

Knitted cottons should be washed on a cool gentle cycle and can be tumbled dried on a low/delicate heat. As with most knitted items high heats can cause the fabric to shrink.

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