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Our Fabric

When shopping for bed linen, very little emphasis or awareness is placed on the fabric used to make the product. Fabrics are woven from either natural or synthetic fibres, with natural fibres obviously being considered superior to synthetic ones mainly because of their softness, breathability and absorbency. The two main natural fibres are cotton and linen, with cotton being by far the most widely used.  Because of the properties of cotton, it is ideal for baby and kid’s bedding. Pure cotton is ideal for a baby’s soft skin.

In terms of cotton fabrics, the best are made from Egyptian cotton or its American equivalent Pima cotton, both of which are known for their soft and silky feel and the fact that they get softer with washing. It is for this reason that we use Egyptian cotton for our baby’s bedding collection.

A further consideration, and equally important, is the actual thread count of the fabric. Thread count is the number of actual threads per inch used in the weaving process. Generally up to about a 400 thread count, the higher the thread count the more luxurious the fabric. Beyond 400 thread count, the fabrics tend to start becoming too heavy and often a bit stiff.

High thread count fabrics are called percales or sateen’s. Sateen is a phrase used for fabrics specifically woven to have one side with a slight sheen. Our baby bedding collection is made from a 400 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton percale, whilst our kid’s bedding range is made from a 100% pure cotton percales, with a threadcount of 180 or higher.

While many manufacturers tend to purchase "off the shelf" fabrics from weaving mills, our baby and kids’ bedding is made from fabric that is specifically woven to ensure that it meets exact standards. This ensures we use only the highest quality fabric in our linen.