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What is TOG? And what TOG is recommended for babies and toddlers?

TOG is a measure of thermal insulation or resistance used in the textile and clothing industry and stands for 'Thermal Overall Grade' as it indicates how much heat a garment or duvet will retain when used. The higher the TOG the warmer the item. 

Knowing what TOG an item of baby bedding or baby sleeping bag is will help determine how to ensure our little ones stays comfortable through the night. Too low a tog and they might be cold, and too high a tog has them as risk of over heating. 

Young children are less able to regulate their own body temperature meaning they are at a higher risk of overheating so it's important to use the appropriate TOG baby bedding and baby sleeping bag, have them dressed in the correct amount of layers and ensure the correct room temperature for the nursery. Although it is also always important to remember that each baby is unique so these are just guidelines.

The TOG used should be based on the temperature of your little one's room and not the temperature outside.

The 1.0 TOG is a year round TOG as it allows for adding additional layers to keep baby warm or fewer layers to keep them cool. 

Babes & Kids recommends the following:

1.0 TOG for room temperature of 21-24°C. Dress baby in a short sleeved onsie.

1.0 TOG for room temperature of 18-21°C. Dress baby in a long sleeved onsie/babygro

2.5 TOG for room temp of 17-21°C. Dress baby in a short or long sleeved onsie.

2.5 TOG for room temp of 15-18°C. Dress baby in a long sleeved babygro/romper with vest.

Babes and Kids offers 3 different TOGs. Our summer baby sleeping bags at 1.0 TOG, our winter baby sleeping bags are 2.5 TOG and our cot duvet inners are 4.0 TOG. 

While the ideal temperature for your little one's room is considered to be between 18-20°C it is often difficult to maintain this in South Africa so keep this in mind when dressing your baby, especially in summer.

The best way to check your little one's temperature is to feel the back of their neck, chest or tummy. It should feel warm and dry and not sweaty or cold.