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Cordless Cot Bumpers

Babes and Kids has developed an innovative cordless cot bumper using a wool filled inner and an embroidered 400 thread count Egyptian cotton cover.

Wool Inner - we especially chose wool because

  • Wool is naturally thermo-regulating and it helps regulates body temperature which makes it a good choice for babies that tend to overheat.

  • Woolprevents a build up of heat through its moisture wicking properties which moves moisture away from the body which is ideal for babies

  • Wool breathes naturally. When wool is compared to other natural fibers, such as cotton, as well as to synthetics, wool offers unmatched breathability and comfort.

  • Wool is hypoallergenic and does not support common allergens such as dust mites.

We designed the cot bumper with safety in mind

  •  The cordless design prevents the risk of strangulation and entanglement that is associated with cot bumpers with cords.
  • The height of the cot bumpers (10cm) allows airflow and prevents heat being trapped inside the cot, which could cause overheating.

  • The cot bumper cover is made with a child safe zip.

Our cot bumper is extremely versatile

  • The cordless design allows the cot bumper to be moulded to fit all cot sizes

  • The cot bumper can be used for "tummy time" exercises as recommended by Paediatric Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

  • The bumper can be used for babies who are unable to prop themselves on their forearms unaided or for babies that cannot hold their head up for a long periods. Placing the cot bumper under their chest can help them get a better view and therefore engage more in play.

  • Tummy-time activities promote neck and core strength and make it less likely that babies will develop a flat spot on the back of their heads.

  • The cot bumpers are ideal for side lying babies

  • The cot bumpers have removable, machine washable covers.