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How much bedding does my baby need?

Moms often ask how they can tell if their baby is the right temperature and how many layers of bedding their baby needs.

It's a tricky thing to get right, as too much bedding can cause over-heating which is a risk factor for SIDS but if you have too little bedding your baby is likely to wake up from the cold which means less precious sleep for you and your baby

What type of baby bedding should I use?

Babies are not able to regulate their own body temperature so it is strongly recommend that only natural fibre bedding such as cotton or wool is used for baby bedding. Natural fibres are breathable which helps with temperature regulation and they are also gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

For babies we recommend our cellular cotton blankets or wool duvet inners, and our 100% Egyptian cotton cot sheets. It is better to use a few light layers so you can easily add or remove additional layers, rather than a heavy single blanket.

Choose blankets that are specifically made for cots so that they can be tucked into the side of the mattress. If they are too small or too large there is the possibility of them ending up over babies head. It is also a good idea to buy machine washable bedding as you are likely to change these often. 

Swaddling is recommend up until the age of 3 months and swaddle blankets or wraps should also be 100% cotton or wool as synthetic fibres are likely to cause overheating. Click here for our step by step guide to swaddling.

Once you are no longer swaddling, we recommend layering using sheet and blankets. Once baby is over 1 year old we recommend our 100% cotton duvet inners or100% wool duvet inners with our Egyptian cotton cot duvet covers. The extra tuck room on our cot duvet covers allows these to be safely tucked into the mattress. We do not advise using baby bedding made from synthetic fibre such as polyester or fleece, as they often result in overheating and sweating.

How to tell if your baby is too hot or cold?

The best way to tell if your baby is the right temperature is to feel their chest or nape of their neck. They should be a comfortable warm temperature. If they are red and sweaty then they are too hot and if they are cold to the touch then your baby is too cold. Feeling their hands or feet is not a good indication of their body temperature.

How many layers of baby bedding to use

The amount of bedding you use depends on room temperature. 

  • 15°C - 1 sheet plus 3 layers of blanket
  • 18°C - 1 sheet plus 2 layers of blanket
  • 21°C - 1 sheet plus 1 layer of blanket
  • 24°C - 1 sheet only

(Note: A blanket doubled over counts as two layers)

Should I use a heater in my baby's room?

The recommended room temperature for a baby is 16 to 20 degrees, with around 18 degrees being ideal. It is useful to have a room thermometer to judge the temperature and if needed a heater can be used to warm the room – however babies should not sleep in hot rooms.

How much clothing should my baby wear?

The rule of thumb is a vest and a bodysuit, plus one sheet and up to three thin blankets.