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What is Sheradown™?

Sheradown™ is Europes’ fastest growing synthetic filler. The filler comprises of a mixture of ultra-thin down like polyester flakes and virgin polyester fibre clusters.

Sheradown™ is classed as the closest synthetic filler to natural feather and down and can truly be classed as the best non-allergenic alternative to goose down. The anti-allergenic synthetic fibres prevent allergic reactions to natural fillings.

Royal Danish Sheradown™ Superior is five times more resilient than fibre puff clusters, and is housed in a 230 thread count, 100% cotton percale jacquard down-proof casing. 

This unique product introduces a new level of sleeping luxury. The combined softness of pure down-feel Sheradown™ with the body of synthetic fillers gives both comfort and support.