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ZipMe Swaddle - Grey
ZipMe Swaddle - Grey
ZipMe Swaddle - Grey
ZipMe Swaddle - Grey

ZipMe Swaddle - Grey

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With the ZipMe Baby Swaddle there is no more wrapping up your baby like a burrito (and then rewrapping them when they unravel)! Our ZipMe Swaddle keeps baby comfortable and safe without the need for blankets. Put baby in and zip closed - it's as simple as that.

The ZipMe's ergonomic tapered waist design gently swaddles your baby while recreating the soothing environment of the womb. The bell shape ensures the hips can move freely avoiding any concerns of hip dysplasia and the slightly curved shoulders also let's baby move naturally while inhibiting the startle reflex.

The 205gsm cotton/lycra (95% cotton, 5% lycra) fabric  is stretchy and breathable which prevents over heating and the two way zipper allows for quick and easy nappy changes. This grey melange is the perfect gender neutral baby swaddle.

An all over win when it comes to getting you little one to sleep.

Age: 0-3months / 3.5 - 6.5kgs 

* Do not use once baby can roll and always put baby to sleep on their back.


* Soft, breathable fabric that allows natural movement
* Easy to use and no unravelling
* Full length zip guard for extra comfort
* Encourages back sleeping
* Shoulder and hip friendly design
* Reduces the startle reflex
* Two way zip for easy nappy changes
* Seamless interior provides additional comfort